Kerstin believes that yoga is a journey to personal freedom and happiness available to anyone.

‘Moving with the breath through different postures is like coming home to me – it is connecting to our true selves. I love sharing my passion for yoga with other people and love seeing the transformation this practice can bring to everyone.’ .

Kerstin is passionate about yoga, the environment and nature.

‘If yoga does not make you a better person, if it does not make you feel compassion towards all life on the planet, all animals and plants, and the oceans, then you are doing something wrong. Yoga opens our eyes, connects us to the origin, it teaches us how to bend so we don’t break. It is a practice for life and a daily reminder of humility, compassion and world peace. Anyone can practice yoga, no one is too old, too young or too inflexible, it is a journey to personal freedom and happiness, available to anyone’. 

Kerstin Bilgmann is a KPJAYI authorized ashtanga yoga teacher (Level 2). She has travelled to Mysore, India many times to study under R. Sharath Jois (Director of the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute/ Sharath Yoga Centre). Kerstin found her passion for yoga in 2006 while doing a PhD in marine and molecular biology. Yoga became her life support that gave her the inspiration and strength to keep going in all life situations.

Kerstin’s love for marine biology, in particular dolphin and whale conservation, has taken her to many different places around Australia and overseas upon completion of her PhD. This gave her the opportunity to study and teach yoga in several countries around the world. Her love for yoga has changed her life and she is ever grateful for having found this practice.


Kerstin has taught yoga in Australia, Thailand, Maldives, Bali, Philippines, Goa/India and Europe since 2008.

She expresses her deep gratitude to the practice and all teachers she studied under. 

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